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Watch what else
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We’re the ones who get your message out to those who matter most – your customers! Creating the ultimate blueprint for your online success, Cruise Media sets the standard for global media marketing by providing outstanding insights, professional delivery and wicked creativity.

We use Social Media strategies to find your client’s target audience, grow your online network and achieve your sales and marketing goals: Cruise Media is your answer to everything social. Your business is involved in Social Media whether you choose to participate or not. We’re here to help you join the conversation!

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January 17th, 2014

Facebook: Now vs Then

TIMELINELet’s face it Facebook has come a very long way from when it first originated back in 2004. That year was the simplest time for this ever-popular and ever-growing social media platform. We now have a timeline for all of our past posts and the ability to customize our page to our taste. You now have the opportunity to tell your entire brand story by using the equivalent of “Life E...

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November 25th, 2013

Golden Graeme

Meet our intern, Graeme Csath!Graeme is a new media communications professional currently in his last year of the Creative Communication program as an Ad major. He has four years of professional experience in the Manitoba film/broadcast industry holding various positions within the local I.A.T.S.E Union and his favorite karate striking technique is the sideways palm-heel strike.Graeme has wor...

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